Expert: Russia should not agree to incorporate advanced weapons in the start-3

Russia should not abandon such promising developments as underwater camera "Poseidon" and the rocket "Thunderbird", because these developments are valid arguments against nuclear blackmail of the United States, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

Earlier, the special representative of the President of the United States on arms control Marshal Billingsley called "terrible" Russian projects of missiles, "Burevestnik" and "Poseidon" and urged to close them, because they do not fall under the restrictions on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (SNV-3).

He commented on an article in Forbes magazine, which put forward the theory that the alleged cause have recently been discovered by the Swedes enhance background radiation could be testing one of these missiles.

"Poseidon" is not a "pointless" weapon, and a critical component of strategic arms, which is not included in start-3, and we should refrain from inclusion in such agreements", - said Sivkov.

The expert suggested that the concerns of Washington connected with the fact that Poseidon is able to deliver a powerful thermonuclear warhead to the US territory, which can cause "dangerous tectonic processes", until the destruction of the North American continent, including due to the destruction of Yeloustounsky volcano, which would cause irreversible catastrophe.

According Sivkova, calls US to include the new weapons of the Russian Federation, including non-strategic missiles as "Zircon", the new start Treaty and to expand this format at the expense of China due to the loss of the dominance of States on a number of economic and technological positions.

"They suggest only that the US has no leverage left to save the world leadership with the exception of nuclear blackmail is a cost they have already in some areas lagging behind China, and a number of military technologies, for example, hypersonic - from Russia. So they tend to persuade us to abandon the advanced developments, we must not fall for this trick," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018 in the message to Federal meeting has told about new types of strategic weapons, including hypersonic systems "Dagger", "vanguard", "Thunderbird" military laser "Peresvet", as well as an underwater drone with a nuclear power plant "Poseidon." The question of whether the subject of the new Russian weapons systems under start-3, was one of the stumbling blocks in the renewal of this contract after 2021.

The start-3 Treaty remains the only current agreement between Russia and the USA on the limitation of armaments. It will cease to operate after February 5, 2021. Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to extend the contract for five years without conditions.