The film "Chernobyl" Danila Kozlovsky shows in the United States

The film "Chernobyl" directed by Danila Kozlovsky shows in the US, the rights to the picture acquired company Capelight Pictures, reports the press service of "Central partnership".

"Capelight Pictures acquired the rights for distribution in North America and German-speaking countries (released in the United States will be held in cooperation with the MPI Media Group) new picture of Danila Kozlovsky "Chernobyl". Foreign sales of the picture deals with the film company "Central partnership" (enters in "Gazprom-Media"), closed a number of major transactions at the Cannes online market and Buyers on the Russian Key Event early last month," - said the press service.

As added in a press-service, the right of the picture is also sold to South Korea, Latin America, Japan, Israel, Spain and the Baltic States.

"As a Director and producer, a huge American market for me, of course, very important. I rejoice in any country, which is to hire our painting and, judging by the growing interest in the film, many countries are still ahead", - quoted the press service of the words of Kozlovsky.

The film "Chernobyl" tells the story of three liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear fire, engineer and diver, tasked with an extremely difficult mission, it is necessary to prevent a global catastrophe. The producers of the project made by Alexander Rodnyansky and Sergey Melkumov Vadim Vereshchagin, Rafael Minasbekyan and Danila Kozlovsky.

"It is obvious that the American public is very well aware of the Chernobyl disaster after the successful HBO series. But many authors and Directors have something else to say about this most important event. While the series Craig Masina explores how state lie begets a tragedy, the film tells a very personal story. "Chernobyl" Danila Kozlovsky – a film about human courage and sacrifice. We sought to tell about those people who had to shoulder the responsibility for the elimination of the disaster," - said Rodnyansky, adding that for him, this film is particularly important because he was an eyewitness of the accident.

The release of the film in Russia scheduled for October 22, concluded the press service.