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NATO randomly calls the number of Russian submarines in the Atlantic, said in DFT

NATO, largely at random says the number of Russian submarines in the Atlantic, according to the Chairman of the Russian national fleet support Movement (MEDEF), Mikhail Nenashev.

Previously, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported that NATO officials and military analysts are concerned about the increased activity of Russian submarines in the Atlantic ocean, where they can pose a threat to the Alliance ships and critical infrastructure. According to the newspaper, at the end of last year, 10 Russian submarines from their bases near the Arctic coast headed towards the North Atlantic. This deployment of the Russian Navy, according to NATO, aimed, in particular, to the demonstration of his power in the Atlantic.

"More than sure, they are close to 50% say at random... Boats can be larger and much more in these areas, because our submariners now gained a high level of training. And they know about ongoing monitoring, so use the techniques that allow them to secretly go in certain ocean areas of combat service, just secretly and to return", - told RIA Novosti Nenashev.

He noted that "errors in the calculations of the West is" despite the fact that now the space is monitored any withdrawal of the submarine.

"We go, go, and let us walk in the seas and oceans, as ocean country, and our Navy that the submarine that surface is a fleet of ocean... For our fleet presence in the Arctic ocean as in the Atlantic and in the Pacific and Indian oceans, the submarine nuclear fleet that is diesel-electric submarines - is the norm. It's like any normal person job, and for our sailors, this fighting work is to be in those areas that are necessary to protect the interests of our country", - summed up now.