Twitter removes the terms "master", "slave" and "black list" of codes

Social network Twitter removes the terms "master", "slave" and "black list" of their programming codes, and replace them with more "inclusive" words.

"Inclusive language plays a crucial role in creating the environment in which we find ourselves. In Twitter language, which we used in our codes do not reflect our values as a company and does not represent the people we serve. We want to change it," - said in a statement the social network Twitter.

Thus, the term "blacklist" is replaced by "list of failures", the word "owner" will change to "leader" and the term "slave" replaced "follower".

This refers to the model of interaction in programming one master device or process (in English sounds like "host"), which provides unidirectional control of the subordinate ("slave").

Also, according to the company, the prohibition also included words such as "white list", "verifying", "dummy value", and pronouns indicating gender.

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