Scientists have predicted the emergence of a pandemic, said Popov

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova stated that in a situation such as pandemic COVID-19, preparing, scientists understand that once it happens.

"You know, all this situation, I want to say that we practised, we actually practised. But the degree of readiness of different countries - it is now obviously different. We all understand that the epidemiological community, the scientists that once that moment comes. Because when something is a new bug, wrote about it a lot, and there are works of art, and the science fiction he wrote, is the "virus X"," - said Popov on the TV channel "Russia 24".

According to her, the virus was not so terrible, as he wrote: "we assumed what to prepare".

"But, in General, it is quite unexpected and very, you know, like the ambient in the part of the world's problems proved a challenge. We overcome this challenge. Overcome everything, well, significantly better than other countries. And exactly because we are overcoming, we have the opportunity to begin the work of certain services, Yes, different directions. And it is important to do this so to avoid risks," - said Popov.

Chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation believes that the world in connection with COVID-19 changed. "We talk about the new normality, and we should have new rules. We started to write new rules when we have more peak was, we started writing them in late April. We understand that it's all over", she said.

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