The head of the national Bank of Ukraine explained words about the "political pressure"

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy explained that he resigned because of "political pressure" by a number of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and the NBU Council.

Smoliy on Wednesday wrote a letter of resignation, explaining that "systematic political pressure" on the Bank, and gave it to the President. The members of the Board of the national Bank of Ukraine has stated that it will continue to work to preserve macro-financial stability and institutional capacity of the Agency. In the office of the President of Ukraine said that the discussions on the activities of the national Bank shall be based exclusively on the principles of professionalism and should be devoid of political overtones. President Vladimir Zelensky on Thursday submitted to the Parliament a decree on the resignation of the head of the national Bank. He later announced that he would defend the independence of the national Bank, regardless of who will lead it.

Smoliy said that under "political pressure" was referring to a draft resolution on the evaluation of the activities of the national Bank, approved by the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, as well as lawsuits and attempt 64 deputies appeal to constitutional court the law on banks. According to him, these MPs act in the interests of the former owners of PrivatBank, in particular oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

"Lawmakers want to disrupt the cooperation with the IMF, only the approval of this law was a beacon of our current program... And want to "help" in the struggle for Privat... With all the pressure that we live for more than a year... when they say white is black, when low inflation is a "catastrophe for Ukraine,"... cannot continue to do the things we do. This is my challenge in order to preserve the independence of the Central Bank to maintain the institutional functionality, which we tried to survive", - quotes Smoliy the edition "Mirror of week".

In addition, he named another element of the pressure of public criticism of the Board of the regulator Board of the national Bank and its Chairman Bohdan Danylyshyn. "We see a direct political motivation behind the positions and actions of some individual members of the NBU Council, particularly the head. I remind you that the head of the Council has repeatedly and publicly expressed its position regarding negotiations with the former owners of PrivatBank, de facto, for the return of their already healthy Bank, which the state capitalized" - added resin.

The Ukrainian Parliament on 13 may adopted a law that will make it impossible to return PrivatBank his former owner, Ukrainian businessman Kolomoisky. The adoption of this document was critical to continue cooperation with the International monetary Fund. A group of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada appealed to the constitutional court to recognize unconstitutional the so-called "andikalovsky" the law on banks.

Resin holds the position of head of the national Bank of Ukraine from March 15, 2018. Under Ukrainian law, Parliament appoints and dismisses the head of the national Bank on the proposal of the President.