Bars and clubs in Phuket opened, but asking for help

The owners of the bars and clubs of Patong has asked the government for help, reports The Phuket News.

The President of the Association of Patong entertainment business (REVA) Wirawit Reasonbut gave the government a written request for assistance and support to institutions and their employees. Since the beginning of April to the 1st of July bars and clubs were closed, now they started accepting visitors, but due to the lack of tourists count on a significant number of customers is not necessary.

The entertainment business asks for help in resolving issues with rent, so that taken into account the real situation and not just the terms of the contract. Also, the number of requests – tax relief, exemption from payment of bills for water and electricity during the first three months of work or delay, and increase aid to ordinary employees of bars and clubs affected by coronavirus crisis.

One more wish — to set thermocamera at the entrance to entertainment venues with the aim to increase the confidence of tourists in their safety when visiting such places

Night clubs asked to extend the permitted hours of operation to 4:00 in the morning.

The businessmen also proposed to promote Patong as the "City of the business (MICE) and sports tourism" to attract visitors throughout the year.