Historian Sokolov beat Eschenko to murder, said the lawyer of the family of PhD student

Historian Oleg Sokolov used force to graduate student Anastasia Eschenko to the day of the murder, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the victim Alexander Baksheev.

Monday October district court of St. Petersburg postponed until July 6, the consideration of which parts of personal correspondence between Yeshchenko and Sokolov may be announced in the open part of the hearing. At the meeting, the historian is required to disclose the entire correspondence, without closing the process.

"Carry a bar investigation, I can conclude that Anastasia was sure that Sokolov, being with her in relationship, cheated on her. This was the ground for their conflicts. He also was physically abusive until the day she was killed," said baksheeva.

The lawyer added that while relatives Yeshchenko not decided which places the correspondence can be read at the hearing in open or in closed mode.

The loud crime has occurred in the night of 8 November 2019. According to the investigation, the falcons at home in St. Petersburg, shot and killed a graduate student and his lover Anastasia Yeshchenko of the circumcision hunting rifle, and on the night of November 9 decided to get rid of the body, dividing it with a saw and a handsaw. Morning random citizen pulled out of the river Moika historian, not keep his balance and slipped into the water in his backpack and found a bag with parts of the body. Eschenko and 63-year-old Sokolov lived together in the apartment of the historian on the Moika embankment, where investigators also found fragments of the female body. Sokolov confessed to the crime and the motive named quarrel with Eschenko.