Lukashenko is running for President of Belarus for the sixth time

The permanent leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on 26 years and runs the country, by his own admission, collected bit by bit after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After coming to power in 1994, when the economy and businesses urgently needed "to revive", and voters - to give at least a minimum wage to feed the family, Lukashenko and his team "created the first independent sovereign state".

"We are this country will not give anyone that scoffed at her, destabilized each day, broke into pieces and someone was sent," said the President.

After 26 years after the first election victory the story is repeated. Although elections will be held in very different economic and political conditions, the participants of the electoral campaign are not the same as before – with the exception of Lukashenko. However, the Parallels are visible: several strong candidates and people's questions that need unambiguous answers. This time dealing with a coronavirus infection and the future of the economy.

Ph. D. program of the incumbent President has not yet submitted, therefore, with some key messages goes to the polls Lukashenko, hard to say. But what can be seen now - the desire to save the country without upheavals and revolutions, not to give anyone the opportunity to destroy what was built over a quarter-century presidency. This is done the emphasis.

Belarus in global scale – the country is small, if judged by territory and population, however, Lukashenko is known in the world of politics. And not only due to initiatives to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine, but also because of his confident, unwavering position in international relations. The sense of humor Lukashenka not to take. It has repeatedly called "the last dictator of Europe", as he ironically asked this "happy", since he really last and others like him, will not.

For a long time the Belarusian President was considered a persona non grata in the European Union – were imposed individual sanctions that did not allow visits to the EU. However, as time passed, the situation has changed, the rhetoric of the West has softened, and Lukashenko was invited to international events in the EU. However, the President himself is there really in no hurry, though, and adheres to multivector policy. Except that visited Austria last fall.

One of the main "chips" Lukashenko is agriculture. About this topic he knows firsthand, because in 1985 he graduated from the agricultural Academy. Since then much water has flowed, no worries with senior officials a lot. However, despite his busy schedule, Lukashenko always personally inspect sowing and harvesting campaigns, visits the company and controls the volume of agricultural production. The most important direction in his work he considers the food security of the Republic and the export of products abroad to attract foreign currency.

Lukashenko also exchanged barbs with rival in the presidential campaign and his former aide Valery Tsepkalo. The dispute was devoted to politics and agriculture at a time.

"Pioneer" debate Tsepkalo, who in an interview expressed the opinion that in 1994, Lukashenko was elected President fairly. "And at that time it was really close (people – ed), it was close to my grandmother, because I knew how much from the sow piglets should be born, he was close to come from the villages because they knew how many chickens can cover the cock. It was actually very close, is impressed," said Tsepkalo, and added that Belarus is high time to move away from a rural way of life, because the future is not behind this.

Lukashenko before the opponent hit her back. According to him, Tsepkalo just doesn't understand that "the quantity and quality of pigs not only depends on the sow, it still depends on the boar". "And if there is a boar like this man, it will be stillborn piglets. And then - a little," replied the President to the arguments Tsepkalo.

Lukashenko in all periods of his presidency were a staunch supporter of rapprochement with Russia within the Union state, Minsk and Moscow have agreed to prepare and sign approximately 30 "roadmaps" for the deepening of integration. However, at the end of 2019 this topic is "stalled" due to disputes over energy supplies.

As well as Lukashenko defends the sovereignty and independence of Belarus, he is fighting for discounts on supplies, Republic of Russian hydrocarbons. For example, the Belarusian leader believes that the gas that Belarus is technically can only buy from Russia, should cost much less – 40-45 dollars per thousand cubic meters taking into account logistics, not $ 127, as they are now.

Another stumbling block - oil: in recent years, Belarus has purchased the "black gold" only Russian companies, but in the end of 2019, they come with significant price differences, after which Belarus has started to diversify raw material supply for its two refineries, purchasing it, including in Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Norway and the United States with transportation by sea. Although it is difficult in terms of logistics, but there is no such "iron" the task before the officials put the President.

From the new government, he also demanded to seek other markets for its food, so as not to "tie" in this regard, the Russian Federation.

If the Belarusian leader, it seems that someone, including fraternal Russia encroaches on the sovereignty of Belarus, he is sure this subject will speak. For example, he argued that the Russian leadership "hint" on the accession of Belarus in exchange for a single energy prices, while Minsk "always requires a level playing field" because the country does not consist only in the Union state and the Eurasian economic Union.

"Nothing more is required. But we are told we are different countries hint that it is necessary to have one country. And how can you have one country with Russia? You probably hear: "Let's include Belarus in structure of Russia", - said the head of the Republic in February and emphasized that he is strongly against it.

Lukashenka also noted that it is criticized for the failure of integration between Minsk and Moscow, despite the fact that he was the initiator of it, and complained that the economy on Belarus in Russia are beginning to "push from different sides", not even allowed to show their food at the shows.

Meanwhile, the President, with his characteristic humour was noted that a unified state of Russia and Belarus is still possible, but only if "Russia will enter into the composition of Belarus", and the President "that the United States" could become himself.

Lukashenko has repeatedly accused Russia in the complication of Russian-Belarusian relations, in particular, he said about the alleged violation of Russia's agreements in the economic sphere. In the Kremlin called it incorrect, noting that the controversial issues, including commercial, Moscow and Minsk should be solved peacefully, by negotiations.