Media: Indonesia intends to create a vaccine against coronavirus

Indonesia is developing its own vaccine against the coronavirus because of concerns that it may be difficult for developing countries, reports the newspaper Jakarta Post.

"Production capacity and power of biotechnology companies in the world, as we know, unlimited, and global supply chains are also facing problems," the newspaper quoted the head of the team at the Ministry of research and technology Ali Gufron Mukti.

He noted the need to develop its own vaccine "in Indonesia and for Indonesia."

It is planned that the development of Indonesian vaccine against coronavirus in the optimistic scenario, will be completed in early 2021, and in the second half of the year could begin her tests.

Thursday it was reported that a record of the 1624 case of infection with coronavirus identified per day in Indonesia. The country has infected 59-394, the total number of deaths - 2987. Recovered a total of 26 667 people.

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