In the suburbs were of the race of the competition "Tank biathlon" army 2020

The first individual race among the tank crews of the contest "Tank biathlon" international Army games-2020 (army 2020) was held in Moscow at the Alabino, reports Western military district.

"In Moscow at the Alabino of the Western military district took the first individual race among the tank crews of the all-army competition "Tank biathlon" international Army games-2020. The route of the tracks are equipped with natural and artificial obstacles, Ford with a length of 30 meters, the slope, the anti-tank ditch, bridge, escarpment, minefield and more, as well as areas of high-speed passing and overtaking, firing and control of the jury", - stated in the message.

It is noted that the tank struck the target a regular artillery shot, anti-tank guided missile, gunfire from heavy machine gun "KORD". The targets were at distances from 900 to 2.2 meters and a simulated tank, helicopter, infantry fighting vehicles and anti-tank hand grenade.

"In the all-Army competitions "Tank biathlon" takes part more than 15 crews of tanks T-72B3, which became the best in southern, Central, Western and Eastern military districts, the airborne troops, the Kazan higher tank command school and the far Eastern higher military command school", - stated in the message.

The winners of the all-army stage will represent the team of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the international stage "Tank biathlon" in Alabino, Moscow region.