In Russia, rejected the initiative to ban whaling

The expert working group of the Federal level rejected the initiative of the "Russian public initiative" on the prohibition of the capture of cetaceans for dolphinariums, which gathered over 100 thousand signatures.

Now the law allows marine mammals capture only for indigenous peoples, for scientific and educational purposes. Former Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev in 2019, said catch in the cultural and educational goals the government wants to ban. The environmental coalition "freedom of the orcas and the Beluga whales" published a petition in support of such a ban on the IC, she has collected over 100 thousand votes, which is enough for consideration by the government.

As published on the website of ROI solutions of the expert group, its members decided to "recognize the inappropriate development of draft regulatory legal acts aimed at implementing social initiatives". The expert group also decided to send contributions to initiatives in the Ministry of agriculture and to recommend to the Ministry to strengthen control over the use of marine animals, to provide favorable conditions keeping them in captivity and to establish a ban on the sale of marine mammals abroad.

The coalition "freedom of the orcas and the Beluga whales" notes that sell cetaceans abroad is already prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Previously, the team oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau, who participated in the operation to rescue sea animals from the "whale jail" in Primorye, addressed the Russian authorities with a letter in which he supported the initiative on ROI.

In 2018 in the "whale jail" in the coastal Bay and found an Average 11 orcas (they were young) and 90 Beluga whales, and later the three whales and one whale was missing from the enclosures. Animals are caught illegally and planned to sell to China. Investigators opened a case of illegal catch of aquatic biological resources and animal cruelty.

To the solution of the problem connected with President Vladimir Putin and he instructed the relevant ministries together with scientists to decide the fate of animals. The operation to release belugas and orcas from the "whale jail" began in June 2019. The first batch was released in the sea of Okhotsk on 27 June, and 10 November in the sea of Japan released the latest animals.