In Vladivostok, the University will create a UNESCO chair

International UNESCO chair "Integration interdisciplinary center for biomedical information" with the participation of universities, research centers of Vladivostok, Shanghai and Beijing will create in Vladivostok, reports the Vladivostok state University of Economics and service (VSUES).

First UNESCO chair was established in 1992 within the framework of one of the most successful international programs of the organization - "sister universities". Worldwide operates 126 UNESCO chairs, of which more than 50 in Russia, according to the University.

It is noted that due to limitations in the coronavirus representatives of the Chinese educational organizations, Russian and foreign, took part in the meeting via videoconference.

The rector of VSUES Tatiana Terentiev noted that the University second year research in the field of big data Analytics in Biomedicine and health care, created "a large collaboration of scientists of the universities of the far East - VSUES, TSMU, far Eastern Federal University and Institute of automation and control processes Russian Academy of Sciences and scientific research University Higher school of Economics". For scientific research to attract about 20 million rubles from the funds of the Russian Fund for fundamental research. According to the rector, which are reported, the resources of two large projects of the University: school of digital technologies and the centre, which will integrate the results in the field of digitalization and the economy, will be useful for studies of the UNESCO chair.

Also addressed the issue of implementation under the auspices of UNESCO prospective scientific, educational and social projects, giving them the status of UNESCO's programs. Among them, "Park of Nations", "United digital library" (on the basis of VSUES library and Moscow state University. Nevel with the involvement of libraries of universities and cities of the Far East and the North-Eastern part of the ATR).