In Colombia, the court decided to withdraw the work authorization of U.S. military

The court in Columbia ruled that President Ivan Duque needs to cancel the work permit in the country that he gave the US military without the approval of the decision in the Senate, announced the publication of Tiempo.

Members of the jury felt that the decision about the presence of foreign troops on the territory of the country was to obtain preliminary approval in the Senate of the Republic.

Now the President within 48 hours shall send senators is required for the decision information about the arrival and permanent presence of the Brigade assist the security forces of the US army

The head of the state Council of Colombia Alvaro Namen a few weeks ago already asked the President to provide a report on the arrival of foreign troops, pointing to the constitutional necessity of participation of the state Council among other bodies.

According to the statement of defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo, the government will follow the court's decision, but will challenge it as the work of advisers and trainers of the North American team in the light of constitutional rules does not require the permission of the Senate.