Named regions with the highest incidence of cancer

The highest incidence of cancer in Russia following the results of last year were in the Arkhangelsk region, reports RT with reference to the Ministry of health.

It is noted that in this region 566,2 was first identified cases per 100 thousand population.

Next is located in Bryansk (556,2), Sakhalin (550,2) region, Mordovia (548,6), Penza (548,1), Orel (546,9), Yaroslavl (543,4), Kursk (537,7), Ivanovo (534,2) region and the city of Sevastopol (532).

The lowest rate was recorded in Dagestan (163,6), Chechnya (164,2), Ingushetia (176,5), Chukotka (205,4) and in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (215,3).

In total, 2019 in Russia for the first time revealed 640,4 thousands of occasions of malignant tumors. This is more than the previous year by 2.5 percent, when the rate was 624,7 thousands. The overall morbidity rate amounted to 436,3 cases per 100 thousand population.