The share of modern weapons in HQs more than 70%

The share of modern weapons in Air and space power today is already more than 70%, the VC commander in chief Colonel General Sergey Surovikin.

The Armed forces of the Russian Federation set the task by the end of 2020 to bring the share of modern weapons to 70%.

According to him, in accordance with the State defense order of the air group since 2015 annually receive modern aircraft, such as the latest su-30SM, su-34, su-35S and modernized MiG-31BM, combat helicopters Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-35M, Mi-8AMTSH, and others. As a result, a new technique rearmed more than 20 regiments.

Delivered more than 550 units of modern weapons of the air defense forces, more than 300 new and promising models of weapons, military and special equipment of the space forces.

"With regard to the system of combat training, she is constantly being improved with the development of means of air attack and their methods of application in foreign countries, as well as experience in the use of Armed Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic. This allows you to practice new ways and techniques to combat enemy aircraft," - said Surovikin.