On Kuban has increased the flow entering the area motorists

The number of vehicles entering the territory of the Krasnodar region, especially heading towards the Azov-black sea coast, after the lifting of the quarantine is growing daily, reported RIA Novosti in the STSI in the region.

However, the Department noted that due to the effects of quarantine measures the number of immigrants in the region of vehicles in June of this year, almost 20% less than the same period last year. Inspection asks drivers to be extremely careful not to operate the machine in weary condition, and to comply with the rules of the road.

The authorities of Kuban March 31, because of the situation with coronavirus entered quarantine. On April 12, the quarantine mode was changed to mode isolation, which extended to 21 June. Since mid-may, the region began to gradually remove restrictive measures, allowing the operation of enterprises of some branches of the economy. Later, the Governor of the region Veniamin Kondratiev announced the relaxation of controls for entering Krasnodar Krai tourists from June 21. Compulsory observation is retained only for arrivals from abroad.

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