Media: Boeing stops production of the iconic Boeing 747

Boeing stops production of the legendary "hunchback" airliner Boeing 747-8, although officially this has not yet been announced, said on Friday Agency Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation.

The latest version of this aircraft, despite its popularity among passengers, and have not achieved commercial success because the airline switched to a model with two engines for long routes, said the material. The economic downturn on the background of the coronavirus now complicates the sale of the remaining machines, the Agency said.

In 2016, when the plant came just six Being 747-8 in the year, the company lost $ 40 million on each of them, quotes Bloomberg words of the analyst Jeffries Sheila Kahyaoglu. Last order was adopted in 2017, the aircraft needs to become a presidential Board "number one".

The Bank estimates Credit Suisse, last month 91% Boeing 747 now can't fly. Similarly down-to-earth and 97% of their European counterparts A380.

The first flight of the Boeing 747 took place in 1969, and since 1970 he entered service. Total produced more than 1.5 thousand aircraft of various modifications.