In Colombia, arrested the organizers of the terrorist attack at the police Academy in 2019

The attorney General of Colombia Francisco Barbas reported that in a joint operation with the forces of the judicial police, they managed to capture eight suspects in the organization in 2019 terrorist attack that killed 21 cadet police school in Bogota and another 70 were injured.

According to the Prosecutor, the charges range from 40 up to 50 years in prison for the suspects.

The President of Colombia, Ivan Duque confirmed that the detainees are members of the rebel national liberation Army (ELN), and pointed to a direct connection of the organization's leadership with planning and implementation of the "heinous assassination attempt".

The explosion of the mined car has occurred on January 17 in cadet police school in Bogota. The attack killed 21 people, 68 more were injured. Authorities blamed the attack on ANO and talks with her about the world.