Hope Babkin told about the strangeness of what he saw upon exiting the coma

Singer Nadezhda Babkina spoke about the strangeness she saw in the moment out of the coma.

"Is (the light at the end of the tunnel. — Approx. ed.). Seen the light, no voices not heard, but about the light I had a big centrifuge," she said in the release YouTube show Maxim Galkin "Musicality".

The artist has depicted the hand in the air a centrifuge with a buzzing sound, which at some point, "Bang — and stopped." When the centrifuge stopped, Babkina saw a silver color, then regained consciousness and heard physicians.

"And voices are heard doctors, about what they say on their some medical language. The first thing I said when they took me to intensive care: "the Main thing is not to feel fear, to fear-not entered into man. I'm not afraid, but for me it's unknown, but my life is in your hands", — said the singer.

In early April, Babkina felt bad: it was hard to breathe, had a headache, was nauseous and sleepy. In the hospital she was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, while struck was about 80 percent of the tissues of the lungs. The artist entered into an artificial coma. According to the grandmother test for coronavirus were negative.