The expert said, which may not be allowed in Schengen countries

Possession of a visa does not mean that you are allowed into the Schengen area freely. The entry is not in the country in which was obtained a visa, the absence of a document confirming the purpose of travel, the viral disease as well as pregnancy and intoxication can be a basis for limiting entry. About the Agency "Prime" said the lawyer, partner of law group "Yakovlev and partners" Veronika Salnikova.

On applying for a visa, the applicant may face rejection, which is likely for several reasons, the first of which is incomplete or improper documents.

Each state has own requirements to documents, and in addition to the set list, applicants usually apply a number of additional documents to substantiate the information stated in the questionnaire. "We need to very carefully examine requirements documents and before submitting to check if everything is assembled properly. The failure of information in documents (or even false information, forged certificates) or the lack of some papers may cause failure," — said the expert.

To refuse a visa may, if the submitted documents contain irrelevant data. In addition, in some countries there are restrictions concerning recent visits to other countries and at the same time a valid visa in the passport in these countries.