In Finland assessed the position of Russia under the Treaty on open skies

Finland appreciates the fact that Russia remains a party to the Treaty on open skies, and after the US announced withdrawal from the Treaty hopes to maintain its viability, said the Ambassador of Finland in Russia Mikko Hautala.

USA in may announced its withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. The Finnish foreign Ministry expressed regret over this and stated that he hoped the review by Washington of its decision. Later in a communiqué issued by the French Ministry of foreign Affairs, a dozen European countries also expressed regret over the statements of the States.

The Ambassador noted that "we wish the U.S. left in the contract, we complained that they tried to leave, and still hope that they will change their minds, will remain."

Chautala, speaking in Russian and Ukrainian, from 1 September will become the Ambassador of Finland to the United States.

The President of the United States Donald trump announced in may that Washington was six months out of the Treaty on open skies and will be outside of the agreement, while Russia "does not fulfill its obligations." However, he did not rule out the development of new agreements. Russia has repeatedly denied accusations by the U.S. in breach of Contract. The Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow will negotiate with the United States, including by Contract, only on a reciprocal basis, and any ultimatums from Washington are unacceptable.

The Treaty on open skies was signed in 1992 in Helsinki and became one of the measures for strengthening confidence in Europe after the cold war. It has been operating since 2002 and allows the participating countries to openly gather information about military forces and activities of each other. Parties to the Treaty are 34 States.