The CEC of Russia on Friday will sum up the official results of the voting on the amendments

The CEC of Russia at the meeting on Friday will sum up the official results of the voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the adoption of which voted 77,92% of Russians against - of 21.27%.

The meeting of the CEC on the approval of official election results is scheduled for 11: 00 MSK. According to the draft agenda published on the website of the Central election Commission, the only issue is the item "On the results of nationwide vote on the issue of approval of amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation".

This meeting will be signed a final Protocol on the results of nationwide voting.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov stated that Vladimir Putin promptly signed a decree on amendments adopted by vote of the amendments to the Constitution after the official tabulation, the CEC outcome.

The head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova called the last vote is unprecedented in complexity, but noted that it was worthy. According to her, even before the tabulation of official election results, we can say that a nationwide vote was held and "there is no doubt in its legitimacy", although some complaints can still be made to the Commission.

Voting on amendments to the basic law was held from 25 June to 1 July, in two regions - Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod along with the usual was organized by e-voting. Also to Express its will on the citizens of Russia using a "mobile voter," on a specially formed areas on the adjoining territories, at regular polling stations and at home. Such opportunities for the citizens was reflected in the high turnout. After processing 100% of protocols, the total turnout of voters amounted to 67,97% - more than 109 million people. For acceptance of amendments have voted 77,92% (almost 58 million Russians), against of 21.27% (about 16 million).

Most citizens supported the amendments in Chechnya (97,92% of the region's residents voted for), Tuva (96,79%), Crimea (90,07%), Dagestan (89,19%), Yamal (89,16%). The least number of votes was in Yakutia (58,34 % of the population voted against 40,65%), Kamchatka Krai (61,76% and of 37.16% against), Magadan region (62,03% and 36,62% against) and Omsk region (62,09% and of 36.66% against).

The leader in votes against Nenets Autonomous Okrug, where 54,57% of residents did not support the amendments to the Constitution and a 44,42% voted in favor. NAO was the only region where the majority of voters voted against the amendments.