In Russia deployed in space echelon of system of the prevention

Space echelon of the Russian system of missile warning to be deployed by 2024, said the commander of aerospace forces Colonel General Sergey Surovikin.

"In the framework of the Single space system (CEN) by 2024, provides for the deployment of an orbital group of space vehicles", - he told in interview to the newspaper "Red star".

According to him, the completion of the space echelon system of missile warning will ensure implementation of global monitoring of the Earth's surface, as well as increasing the survivability of command and control systems in terms of jamming resistance.

Earlier the defense Ministry reported that the single space detection system and command and control will become a space-based echelon of the missile attack warning. CEN will significantly reduce the time of detection of starts of ballistic missiles significantly increase the reliability and efficiency of communicating information on missile threats to the country's leadership. It is composed of spacecraft for a new generation of high-elliptical and geostationary orbits. Its characteristics are not inferior to the CEN of the American space system missile warning SBIRS, noted in the defense Ministry.

CEN was replaced on an experimental combat duty in December 2017. It includes four new moons, which are called "Dome".