Kharlamov laughed at the "true" cause of divorce Asmus

Humorist Garik Kharlamov was messing with the "true" cause of divorce with actress Christine Asmus, which is claimed by some experts.

In his instagram, the comedian posted a photo of the text material, which allegedly worked with Kharlamov since 2003 producer Olesya Sazykina told about the "true" cause of divorce of star pair and announced "a bad character" comedian.

Kharlamov said that has never worked with this producer, and decided to work on an advancing of experts proposing various theories about the reasons for his divorce.

"I've never had a producer Olesya Sazykina, and no Natalya Subbotina I don't know. And in order to stay ahead of my next "producers", "acquaintances" and "friends", I confess to myself: I am a very difficult person with a bad personality, always angry, greedy, self-centered, insensitive, aggressive drunk" — he joked.

The comedian also attributed to himself nine of phobias and other mental disorders.

"Old drug addict, Satanist overweight, envious, vain, lustful, cruel tyrant, obscurantist, homophobic racist with all known addictions, and terrible manifestations. An animal that is already there. But that's not the reason for the divorce. The true reason for the divorce: Shopaholic" — ironically concluded Kharlamov.

Earlier it became known that Asmus and Kharlamov decided to divorce after eight years of marriage. According to the couple, the controversial film "Text" and the third parties in this situation are not to blame.