Rosstat said to reduce the growth rate of gasoline prices

The average retail price of gasoline in Russia has decreased the growth rate: 22 to 28 June, it increased by 5 cents compared to the previous week to 45.18 rubles per liter, and diesel rose by 3 cents, to 47,88 rubles per liter, according to the materials Rosstat.

In the second half of may, gasoline in Russia rose in price by 1-2 pennies a week, in the first week of June - 6 cents, then 8 cents, and in the previous reporting week, the growth rate of prices and it reached a peak at 13 cents.

In particular, according to the statistical Agency, by 29 June the average retail price of gasoline AI-95 rose 6 cents, to 46.26 rubles per liter, AI-92 - on 4 cents, to 42,70 rubles per liter, AI-98 - by 3 cents, to 52,27 rubles per liter.

The growth of prices on gasoline was observed in 39 centers of subjects of the Russian Federation. Most of all, it has risen in Kyzyl – 1.6%.

In Moscow in the intervening period the price of gasoline has not changed, in St. Petersburg – rose 0.1%.