The Senate has proposed to require trump to disclose overseas property

U.S. Senator Tom Udall said on Twitter that he intends to legally oblige the President of Donald trump report on its existing property abroad.

"We have filed an amendment to the national defence act, which requires the President to report financial information about foreign ownership, which belongs to or is under the control of the organization of trump," said Udall, a Democrat from new Mexico.

According to him, Congress needs to know whether the trump decisions on foreign policy based on its interests in the business.

Amendment Udall has nothing to do with national defense, but if it will be in the final version of the bill adopted by Congress, trump will only be two choices — to impose on the veto the bill or sign it. The Congress can override the veto trump two-thirds vote in each chamber. However, the prospects for adoption of the amendment unclear.

This is not the first attempt of legislators to learn the details of business relations trump. The Supreme court prepares to render a decision on whether the trump at the request of Congress to disclose their tax and financial documents.