Putin said the Internet project, implemented with the participation of RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking Thursday at a meeting of the Victory organising Committee, highlighted the success of a project "Bearer of Victory" Patriotic movement "Immortal regiment of Russia".

Thanking all who participated in the preparation of anniversary events, he stressed that a huge audience gathered and continue to gather stock online. "For example, in the project "the standard-Bearers of Victory" teenagers, children and even the students not only talk about the combat or career path of their family, but also about what the winners, the soldiers of the great Patriotic war could be proud today of its heirs," said Putin.

The project "Flag of Victory" "Immortal regiment of Russia" is implementing with the support of the presidential grants. It aims to reveal little-known pages of history of great Patriotic war and force everyone to think what he did in order to preserve the memory of their ancestors.

Part of the project was the VR-history "Unknown bearer", prepared for the 75th anniversary of the great Victory, RIA Novosti, in partnership with the "Immortal regiment of Russia" with the support of the media group "Red square". It tells the story of the hoisting over the Reichstag flags and banners of dozens of assault teams and fighters-singles. "Unknown bearer" recreates the events of 30 April to 2 may 1945. In the first scene the user is "in the body" one of the soldiers of the red army, his task is to set the Flag of Victory. The second tells the story of 12 red banners, installed on the roof of the Reichstag. In the epilogue the scene is a metaphor for the liberated Nazi Europe.

Voiced "Unknown bearer" popular Russian actors Egor Beroev, Viktor Dobronravov, Igor Petrenko, Maksym Demchenko. Also in record took part broadcaster, General Director of MIA "Russia today" Dmitry Kiselev.

The project is available in the application of RIA.Lab which can be downloaded on iOS devices in the AppStore and Android in Google Play in the app. To view the user needs glasses virtual reality in any format, including cardboard. Also available without cardbord mode 360. A simplified web version is available at RIA Novosti:

Project "Unknown bearer" continues a series of experiments, the MIA "Russia today" in the field of high-tech journalism.

In 2019 journalistic VR projects RIA Novosti became laureates of Russian and international awards. In particular, the project won the prize of the news world newspaper Association (WAN-IFRA) European Digital Media Awards, an international award IPRA Golden World Awards 2019, prize all-Russian competition "the Union of the word and goodness" and others.

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