"The Ukrainian President was wrong." Evil the prophecy of the Tomos came true

Ukrainian court is considering a number of criminal cases against the former President of Petro Poroshenko. Including the creation of the schismatic "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" and the Tomos of autocephaly. The politician, in fact, does not deny that had a hand in this, but what's it going not believe. Although two years ago he was warned about the consequences of blatant interference in internal Church Affairs. What awaits Poroshenko and those interested in the proceedings — in the material RIA Novosti.

That, and the artistry of the ex-President of Ukraine does not hold. Even at trial in one case he came, to walk a couple of kilometers at the head of a column of supporters. Many of them were holding placards and Ukrainian flags.

Inside the building of Pechersky court of Kiev Poroshenko said a pompous speech. In it, he ridiculed the charges.

"They are accusing me of in June 2014 ordered the counteroffensive (in the Donbass. — Approx. ed.). I will admit this "guilty". They blame me that I gave orders warships to move through the Ukrainian Kerch Strait. Write: I will admit this "guilty". They accuse me that I appoint the heads of intelligence. I will admit this "guilty" — proudly said the politician.

To list his sins, he finished in the Tomos. Supposedly the country with him, as he likes to say, "found a second independence from the Russian Church."

"And this, this also write me in "guilt," ceased not to mock Poroshenko.

Whether he still feels all powerful and invincible, whether from fear of triggering a compensatory mechanism — based so the calling behavior of the former President is unclear. Probably the latter, because the former President openly at least 20 criminal cases.

The matter of autocephaly is in the list a special place. After all, when dissenters have not even received the coveted letters from Patriarch Bartholomew, the President has predicted the prison. As they say, Poroshenko in this matter has crossed all red lines.

The ninth of April 2018 Poroshenko arrived in Istanbul for a few hours, talked to Patriarch Bartholomew in his residence. Following the meeting, the politician said that Ukraine is closer than ever to finding "one local Autocephalous Church." And Fanar, Istanbul district, where the headquarters of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, ready to contribute.

Legally, it looked like this: the President of Ukraine wrote a letter to Bartholomew, in which "on behalf of all believers of the country," asked him as "Ecumenical Patriarch" to issue a Tomos of autocephaly. The fact that Poroshenko appealed not on my own behalf and on behalf of the citizens, then angered many. And not only the clergy and parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who or what kind of independence did not even ask.

A few months later, the lawsuit against the President filed public organization "Rule of law". The author of the document Kiev lawyer Sergei Kovalev explained then to the correspondent of RIA Novosti that the treatment, according to the Istanbul Patriarch violates the Constitution.

"The petition of Peter Poroshenko signed not as a private person, namely as the subject of authority — the President of Ukraine. Therefore the appeal in its legal nature is the decision of the President, since it was posted on the official website. The plaintiff says that the defendant as the authority did not have competence to sign the appeal and its direction," — said in the lawsuit.

That is, the head of state has no jurisdiction. Under article 365 of the Criminal code provided for three to eight years in prison.

The trial was held in the midst of the Saga with Tomos. Therefore, in spite of numerous appeals, then, in the fall of 2018, is simply hushed up.

But as it turned out, briefly. Tomos did not help Poroshenko to be reelected — despite the fact that he actively toured the country with a letter, demonstrating to its citizens as a trophy. And last spring, the lawsuit against the President filed for deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. According to one of them, Vadim Novinsky, the former President grossly interfered in a purely internal Church Affairs.

The trial is still ongoing. The same article: "Excess of authority or abuse of power".

And this is a criminal case not only in the "track record" Poroshenko. As it turned out the other day, ex-President hit out from where he hardly waited.

In the State Bureau of investigation (UIR), which conducts criminal proceedings against him, the journalists stated that it considered the case of "incitement to hatred". No specifics, but, apparently, it is article 161 of the criminal code provides for up to five years in prison.

As explained in the RRG, the victim in the case is... schismatic Filaret Denisenko. He actively helped Poroshenko in the creation of an Autocephalous structure. On the basis of his "Patriarchate of Kiev" (KP), in fact, was in December 2018 created "the Orthodox Church of Ukraine", which on 6 January 2019 received Tomos of the Patriarch Bartholomew.

Then Filaret hoped to head the new structure. However, Poroshenko had persuaded him to give up his throne to his disciple Epiphanius Dumenko. In for the next six months schismatic old left without power, money and receipts. The latter, as it turned out a few days ago, supporters of the DNC was forcibly taken away from "filaretovtsev". Now under the control Denisenko about 300 temples. Two years ago there were six thousand.

"The Kyivan Patriarchate for the past year suffering from raiding. This is reflected in an unauthorized change of information computerized system of the state register of legal entities and unlawful deprivation of legal capacity of religious organizations to which you can put information about their condition to termination (liquidation)", — explained in his Facebook General counsel KP Neonila Tkachenko.

And the materials for the criminal case, as stated by prosecutors, helped to collect the security Service of Ukraine.

"Filaret, as the old KGB agent, working closely with the security service for many years. In fact, thanks to the secret service, he remains afloat," — said RIA Novosti, the native of Kharkov Alexander (name changed) is a member of one of the nationalist groups, took part in the actions of the SBU and the "Kiev Patriarchate".

Himself Poroshenko at the hearing of July 1, answered that they did not hold a grudge against the "honorable Patriarch" Filaret. Supposedly not according to his will he appealed to the court.

"Filaret, Nakata the claim Poroshenko, decided to show what remains in the game. But the case of the Tomos and raiding in KP is likely to collapse," says the RIA Novosti source in the Ukrainian Church circles.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the process in these cases can drag on for years — as long as you need the current government.

"The government is blackmailing the President because of the party "servant of the people" need to vote on their bills. Need it current top," he notes.

However, the fact of excitation of criminal cases has shown to the Ukrainian society the correctness of those who two years ago opposed the adventures with Tomos. It is primarily about the faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.