"Knock Trump". Russia will be punished for the failures of the Americans in Afghanistan

In the United States is growing new anti-Russian campaign. This time the "hand of Moscow" saw in Afghanistan. Russia accused of funding the Taliban, President Donald trump in the criminal inaction, the U.S. intelligence agencies — in the leak of classified information. Who and what spins all of this and why really under attack primarily the trump understood to RIA Novosti.

A couple of months ago, Donald trump touted agreement with the radical movement "Taliban"* as the main foreign policy trump card. Barack Obama's two terms did not end with the war in Afghanistan — the Republican President, it seemed, here-here will finish the conflict. In exchange for the withdrawal of American troops from Kabul, the Taliban agreed to stop the confrontation with the Afghan government.

Direct contacts between Washington and the radical Taliban* caused ambiguous reaction in the world. In Europe, Asia and the United States the White house was criticized for collusion with terrorists. Trump was justified, the war in Afghanistan has lasted almost twenty years, the Taliban have not gone away, we need to find ways of settlement. And no matter how criticized the deal, no one is arguing that American soldiers it is time to return home.

In Russia it was not treated neutrally. Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow welcomes the peace process. Moreover, the Russian authorities expressed willingness to support.

But it is not set. The radicals did not recognize the legitimacy of the Afghan government had not complied with the terms and President Ashraf Ghani.

Several times in Kabul came the US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad. In late February, the country was granted by the Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. All urged the conflicting not to violate the agreement. The peace process was resumed, but the pandemic coronavirus pushed Afghan issues on the back burner.

At the forefront of world politics she returned last week. The New York Times reported that the militants of the movement "Taliban"* secretly cooperated with the Russian security services on the orders of Moscow for remuneration were killed by the US military. Us intelligence on this finding prompted a large amount of cash discovered the detainees of the Taliban. On interrogations they admitted that they received money from the Russians, the newspaper writes.

"Last year in Afghanistan were killed and twenty Americans, but it is unclear which of these murders are the Russian money", — stated in the investigation of the newspaper. According to the journalists, direct evidence of Moscow's ties with the Taliban no. Sources of information the publication is not published.

After a few days The New York Times reported new details. US intelligence agencies allegedly entered the financial schemes for which the Taliban received money from Russia. However, the informants, the newspaper again revealed.

After The New York Times took up the topic of leading American publications. The authors of most of the articles acknowledge that we are talking about assumptions — "blame Russia have yet to prove."

The main blow fell on the Tramp — he allegedly knew about the relations of Moscow with the Taliban and did nothing. In publications it is alleged that us intelligence agencies informed the President in January, but it was ignored.

Trump said that intelligence was telling him this information, but warned about their doubtfulness. "Probably another hoax associated with Russia. Another duck for The New York Times, always exhibiting the Republicans in a bad light," he said on Twitter.

The Washington Post wrote that the President even participated in a closed meeting of the Council of national security of the United States. It politicians and representatives of special services was looking for ways to counter Moscow, but never came to a consensus.

This story quickly became the main theme of the election campaign in the United States. Joe Biden has accused trump of the betrayal of American soldiers. And promised: "If I am elected President, Vladimir Putin will get a decent response, we will take serious actions against Russia."

The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi threatened that Trump is not gonna get away with it, but at the same time proposed to punish Russia: "We must impose sanctions. Right now."

In Moscow reacted with restraint. "In Washington there is a lot of difficult to explain now", — commented the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

The Russian Embassy in the United States noted that the publication has complicated the work of our diplomats. Some staff members even threatened.

"Assumptions that Russia sponsored the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan is a political decision. The goal is to disavow the Afghan trump trump. The President's approval rating is falling. It is important to show voters that a war with the Taliban is finished. But the Democrats trying to beat him and this argument," expresses the opinion of the analyst, a specialist on Afghanistan Andrey Serenko.

According to him, anti-Russian campaign seems far-fetched and unsubstantiated. The expert recalled that the United States itself for many years sponsored the radicals: the office of the Taliban* in Qatar opened ten years ago in the US money.

"The cynicism that is with the permission of the jihadists Washington has built a representative office in Qatar, American soldiers fought with them. That is, NATO military were killed by the hands of the Taliban and the U.S. government at this time gave them the money," — explains the analyst.

In addition to the USA, direct contacts with the Taliban have Iran and Pakistan, said Serenko. Americans know that Tehran and Islamabad is funding militants, but no action is taken.

"The Taliban politically and militarily in control of Pakistan. The deaths of American soldiers might have occurred with their submission. But something Washington does not threaten sanctions, while Islamabad", — the expert specifies.

Russia, in his opinion, is in contact with the Taliban as well as the United States and Pakistan. "Moscow repeatedly offered mediation in Afghan settlement. But Washington does not like when anyone but them does business with the Taliban. They want a monopoly on friends and enemies in Afghanistan," said Mr. Serenko.

The Director of the center for modern Afghanistan studies Omar Nessar believes that the next attack on Russia is connected with the election campaign in the United States.

"According to the untwisted version, the Russians paid radicals for the murder of American soldiers to derail the peace process in Afghanistan. If Moscow really wanted to, you'd find less risky ways," he says.

As to the deals the Americans with the Taliban, it is, according to the expert, and so stalled. "The Afghan authorities demands, and the Taliban — the. Moreover, both parties are focused on elections in the United States. They understand that if trump goes, Biden may cancel the agreement," — says the analyst.

In any case, the Taliban win, sure Nessar. Americans cutting back troops in Afghanistan. Superpower made concessions. This strengthens the position of the radicals, no matter who occupied the Oval office.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.