Biden is ahead of trump in popularity, the survey showed

Candidate for US President, Democrat Joe Biden is ahead of incumbent President Donald trump by 12 points, according to a survey of public opinion, which conducted Monmouth University.

For Biden ready to vote 53% of registered voters, trump's 41%.

The survey showed an equal number of respondents (including not only voters, but also other adult residents of the United States) that approve of Biden, and those who do not approve - 44%. In early June, the Democrat was a negative rating at 49% it was not approved, but approved only 42%.

Trump rating on-former sharply negative - 38% approve of his activities, 55% - disapprove. These figures are almost unchanged for the month.

Four years ago, the approval rating of trump was even lower, 34% of the accolades, but this did not prevent him to win the election. Though then-rival trump, Hillary Clinton had such a negative rating, 34% approve, 53 percent disapproved.

The study was conducted by the Institute of sociological surveys at Monmouth University, 26-30 June, was attended by 867 American adults, including 733 registered voters. The margin of error for registered voters is 3.6 percentage points.

A reputable website Fivethirtyeight devoted to statistical surveys and correctly predicted the results of several past elections, said the polls Monmouth University professional and one of the most accurate, giving them an a rating . The polls Monmouth University, according to the site, have a small bias in favor of Democrats by an average of 1 percentage point closer to the Democrats than the averages of the polls.