Trump praised the settlement of the situation in Seattle

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed satisfaction with the settlement of the situation in Seattle, where earlier the police dismantled the so-called "Autonomous zone" - a few blocks occupied by protesters.

"I'm glad that in Seattle they (local authorities) solve the problem, because they knew that we (the Federal government) are ready to enter, and they did what was necessary," said trump at the event with the participation of representatives of small and medium business "Spirit of America Showcase".

Trump thanked all law enforcement officers: "You are doing a terrific job".

Earlier, ABC News reported that the police eliminated the "Autonomous zone" in the city of Seattle in Washington state, the dispersal zone began on Wednesday morning by the decree of the mayor of the city. It is noted that during the crackdown, police detained 32 people. Press Secretary of the tramp Kaylee Makinano stated that the city prevailed law and order.

Earlier, the protesters occupied several blocks in the Central part of Seattle, declaring the territory "of the Autonomous area of Capitol hill" (CHAZ). Police officers were ordered to leave the area to reduce tensions.

Trump after the start of protests triggered by the police killing of an African-American George Floyd, stated that, if local authorities will not be able to restore order, the Federal government will use armed police and national guard. In particular, it was made the capital of the United States against the wishes of the city authorities.