Lukashenko said that does not monopolize power

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said that he does not monopolize power, and hoisted on their shoulders burdens because the Belarusians have chosen a state model with a strong presidential power.

Earlier the candidate in presidents of Belarus is scheduled for August 9 election, former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko, who is now in custody in the KGB detention center, has initiated the launch procedure of a referendum aimed at limiting the Constitution of Belarus the number of presidential terms for one person. He proposed to take a sample of the 1994 Constitution, where "has already been provided and the restriction of presidential terms, and the division, now, our three branches of government, and most importantly, was the right of a people to decide their own destiny." Lukashenko said he did not support the idea of returning to the Constitution of 1994 edition, as it will be going back. However, he said that the new version of the Belarusian Constitution will be prepared within two years, and even before its adoption steps will be made for the transfer of powers down to local authorities.

Speaking on Thursday in Minsk at a solemn meeting dedicated to the Day of independence, Lukashenko recalled that in the 1990s the people of Belarus in a referendum have made a choice in favor of a strong government, able to ensure the security and stability of national development. "It's strange, but lately more often hear criticism of this form of government of our country. I want to remind some, and young people who do not know, to inform you that I have not taken and monopolized this power - hoisted on their shoulders burdens", - quotes the President Sputnik of Belarus.

He said that while the country was "bloody stump of a great state - the Soviet Union." "No money, no flour to bake bread, around the strike. And then I offered options, not behind the scenes, not having then still no power. You are on the referendum, supported me, put it on my shoulders this burden. How can, and are," - said the head of state.

According to him, now many post-Soviet countries envy Belarusians, who calmly passed a way of formation. "Today, some itching, I want to turn to reforms. Just want to warn you that as a result of these reforms, someone will stuff your pockets, and you're back with pots will walk from villages to the city-hero of Minsk," - said Lukashenko.