USA announced plans on transferring arms to Ukraine

USA announced plans on the transfer of Kiev weapons and military equipment totaling approximately $ 600 million, said Russia's permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich.

According to him, the special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine (SMM) captures new victims among the civilian population and the destruction of the shelling in the Donbass.

"In these circumstances, the United States, Canada, Britain and several EU countries continue to train, provide arms, and in fact to encourage the Ukrainian army to further violence against donbasstsev. Defense Ministry of Canada have announced that the preparations for the arrival to Lviv region 90 military instructors from the composition of the fourth canadian division from the military base in Petawawa, Ontario. Behind them, planned to send 50 more military personnel with the same objectives. Three-year extended British military instructor of the program "Orbital", - said Lukashevich at a meeting of the OSCE permanent Council.

The diplomat noted that according to the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, 16 June, the American authorities gave APU a regular military cargo, including walkie-talkies, ammunition and warheads to the missile complexes in the amount of $ 60 million.

"In the draft Pentagon budget for 2021 Ukraine proposes to allocate 250 million dollars of military expenditures, half of which is expected to be aimed at ensuring the supply of weapons. In June, Washington has announced far-reaching plans to transfer weapons and military equipment, including Maritime, for a total of about $ 600 million. In addition, the United States continue the construction of a naval command post in Ochakovo the Nikolaev area", - said the permanent representative.