Kosachev praised the U.S. response to the vote on the amendments in Russia

Russian vote on the Constitution that bothers US, because Russia independently decides on its political structure, and it has nothing to do with Washington, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

USA is concerned about voting on constitutional amendments in Russia, a particular concern of Washington called "the potential" of Vladimir Putin to remain President until 2036, told RIA Novosti on Thursday at the state Department. Also, the state Department expressed concern over reports about the alleged "attempts of the Russian government to manipulate the results of the recent vote on constitutional amendments, including reports of coercion of voters, pressure on opponents of the amendments and the restrictions on independent observers to monitor the vote." Evidence of these accusations in the statement were not given

"The United States consider themselves "looking" for democracy around the world, of course, could not respond to the vote on constitutional amendments in Russia. It's their business, after all, and not someone else," Kosachev wrote in Facebook.

According to him, official Washington's reaction "pretty sluggish".

"Of course, to explain what efforts had been made directly by the Russian government and how it has allegedly manipulating the results of which have just appeared, the state Department of habit is not. They say, they're Russians, they are always something is manipulated, by his ballot, that the American", - said the Senator.

"The fact that Putin is very unpleasant for Washington obstacle to US attempts to control our country from outside, as it sometimes did in the 90s, for anybody not a secret. However, to put it mildly, not godava matter who and how many will choose in one of the few countries in the world, having the luxury of sovereignty, and not asking the U.S. Embassy, who and what position they choose, or assign," added the Senator.

According to him, an important part of democracy is "respect for other people's constitutional process, not only and not so much the overthrow of monuments and kissing the shoes of the descendants of former slaves".

"I think, "the castle on the hill" it would be nice to get back to the basics to not look ridiculous in the role of a self-appointed mentor for those who are his predictable opinion does not apply. From the word in any way," concluded Kosachev.