In the St. Petersburg area, where the injured journalist, revealed violations

. At the polling station in St. Petersburg, where he was injured journalist David Frankel, invalidated 35 of the ballots from the mobile ballot box, said the head of the legal Department of Saint-Petersburg electoral Commission Oleg Hook.

"If you talk about what originally caused the interest in this polling station, we can recall that the stumbling block was the procedure for voting using a single portable box. In this box there were 35 ballots. The validity of all other ballots submitted to the precinct election Commission, no doubt. As was admitted some deficiencies in the presentation of results of voting using the mobile ballot box, the Commission found it possible and necessary ballots, which were contained in a portable box, to invalidate. Was invalidated 35 of the ballots," said Hook reporters.

Said Hook, the electoral Commission received 453 treatment. According to him, 193 of them did not contain information about the alleged violations. In 78 cases, these violations were not confirmed, and under consideration remain 15 cases.

On Tuesday, Frankel said that the police damaged his hand at the polling station. The journalist of "media zones" claimed that he wrung his hand, and struck it with his fist. SUCK in St. Petersburg began checking the circumstances of injury by Frankel. In gumvd across Petersburg and Leningrad region reported that the attack on the journalist at the polling station was not, the police took action to remove the citizen, hindering the work of the Commission. The Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov expressed regret that Frankel was injured at the polling station. Now the journalist is in the hospital.

According to first Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy, the audit materials on the incident with Frenkel will be transferred to the RF IC. The head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova has instructed the head of the electoral Commission of St. Petersburg Victor Minenko understand the situation. The Kremlin urged to thoroughly investigate the incident with a reporter.