Confiscated during the war, the work of Pissarro returned to heirs

. The court of cassation finally decided to return to the heirs of a painting by Camille Pissarro "picking peas" stolen from Jewish collector's Simone Bauer during the Second world war, according to France Info.

The current owners of the painting, a married couple Bruce and Robbie toll from the US, bought it in 1995 at a Christie's auction for 800 thousand dollars. They claim that they knew nothing about the origin of the work.

The grandson of Bauer found a painting in the catalogue of the exhibition held in the Paris Museum Marmottan-Monet in 2017. In the same year, the court ordered the Americans to return the work to the heirs in accordance with the decree of 21 April 1945 and, repealing all acts of confiscation committed by the regime of Vichy. The couple filed an appeal, but after a long trial, lasting three years, the court rejected it.

To the judgment, the picture was kept in the musée d'orsay.

The lawyer of relatives of Bauer called the decision "historic" because it restores the rights of his clients and sets a precedent for other similar cases. However, Americans are not yet prepared to put up with him. They expect to go to Court on human rights, as are bona fide purchasers and are not willing to pay for the crimes of anti-Semitic Vichy government.

Just a collection of Bauer was 93, all they were confiscated in 1943 and resold. He himself, after leaving the camp managed to return only a small part of them until his death in 1947.