OP gave of the state Duma Committee 113 leaves of fakes about voting

The public chamber of the Russian Federation gave the state Duma Commission on investigation of facts of interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation from the outside, a total of 113 fact sheets fake publications about voting on the amendments to the Constitution, told journalists the first Deputy Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on development of information community, media and mass communications Alexander Malkevich.

"Indeed, I lead the Foundation for the protection of national values together with the Public chamber of Russia has handed over to Vasily Ivanovich (Piskarev, the head of the Duma Commission - ed.) a total of 113 fact sheets publications inaccurate, designed to shape public opinion, fake on the resources of the media-foreign agents for three weeks. So you imagine the volume: in three weeks there were over 200 such publications, these materials are transferred to see what loopholes in the law are our, you are so correct to say, ideological opponents," he told reporters Malkevich.

According to him, only to the day of voting left 11 fake publications where there are no means of verifying facts.

Also Malkevich said that there are a lot of disturbing facts on the activities of individuals who were not just the uplift of fakes about voting, and their design.

"Judging by the growth of fakes, the onslaught will only continue. We in the three months since the pandemic coronavirus revealed about 6 thousand of fake messages," he added.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution took place in Russia from 25 till July 1, according to the results of processing 100% of protocols for the adoption of amendments voted 77,92% of Russians against – of 21.27%. The turnout, according to the information center of the CEC data, amounted to 67,97%.