On the beach of Thailand found an unusual nest of the leatherback turtle

The leatherback turtle nest with eggs was found on the beach, Thai Muang, North of Phuket, according to The Phuket News.

Head of the operational center of the Second marine national Park, Phuket Preop Plangger, explained that on the coast found traces of turtles.

During their studies at a depth of about 80 inches in the sand were found laying eggs, located about 18 meters from the water.

According to him, employees of the national Park organises monitoring the nest until the babies won't hatch.

The expert noted that to find the nest of rare turtles at this time of year is very unusual, as it is now is not the season for reproduction. It is suggested that the oviposition, when the sea appears a lot of jellyfish, due to good health of amphibians.