Flight attendants called the most disgusting things that make passengers

The flight attendants talked about the most disgusting things that make passengers in the air, reports the Express.

One flight attendant on the social-news site said that some people don't care about etiquette during the flight. "They have an amazing habit of tucking things in where they shouldn't be, she wrote. — Disposable diapers, food, a barf bag — all of it was stuffed under seats, in pockets on the backs of the chairs".

She explained that the planes are cleaned only after completion of all flights.

Castlehouse one passenger commented, "That's why I refuse to touch anything on Board."

Another member of the crew told about the strange things people do while waiting for the drinks: "I saw passengers changed diapers, cut fingernails on folding tables". It is advised to always treat them with disinfectant.