The death toll in the landslide in Myanmar has increased to 162 people

The number of people killed in a landslide at the quarry of jade and jade in the town of Pakan in Kachin state in Northern Myanmar has increased to 162 people, the number of injured to 54 people, according to the fire Department, also acting as emergency service.

"To date, discovered and retrieved 162 dead bodies. A total of 54 people were taken to hospitals. A search and rescue operation continues", - is spoken in the message of Department in Facebook.

Earlier it was reported that the landslide came down on Thursday morning, killing 126 people.

Landslides with catastrophic consequences often occur on the jade quarries in the area Pacana, since that is where the main focus of country's capacity for the extraction of jade and jadeite, which are supplied to the markets of neighboring countries, especially China.

The administration of the quarries, which employ heavy machinery, are allowed to work also and individual miners often salasaca dumps directly into the career where they are looking for gems missed by the technique. Landslides in the dump pits were most often killed by the individual prospectors.