In the Russian Union of Latvia appreciated the attempts of Riga to ban Russian TV channels

The Latvian authorities, prohibiting the broadcasting in the country of the RT channels, trying to deal with the threat which they themselves invented, and these efforts look pathetic, said RIA Novosti former member of the European Parliament, co-Chairman of the Russian Union of Latvia (STGS) Miroslav Mitrofanov.

The Latvian regulator, the ban on Tuesday, the broadcasting channels RT, RT HD, RT Arabic, RT Spanish, RT Documentary HD, RT Documentary, RT TV, argued his decision by the fact that they belong to the General Director of MIA "Russia today" Dmitry Kiselev, who is under EU sanctions.

Kiselev is the Director General of MIA "Russia today", while the chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan, for which no EU sanctions do not apply. These companies were two separate legal entities, this information is well known and is in the public domain.

"For me, it's a comical way to eliminate invented by Latvian officials to the danger. Themselves invented - you deal with it. According to the adopted on the eve of the racial law (the President of Latvia Egils - ed) of Levitra for TV, in the main package of the Latvian cable networks, at least 80% must be channels that were originally created in the languages of the EU and ESS. The President and the legislators did not hide that this is done in order to expel most of the Russian programs of the Latvian networks. Some sort of advanced official after the adoption of the law remembered that Russia is creating television content not only in Russian but also in English and other languages. So, theoretically, the "evil hand of Russian propaganda" can reach a defenseless Latvian viewer using including the "racially correct" languages. So, it is necessary separately to ban Russian channels, broadcasting in Russian," - said Mitrofanov.

In his opinion, these attempts of the Latvian authorities look "sorry".

"Why is this race looks pathetic? It is ridiculous to imagine that losing a TV channel in Russian, a retired EN masse switch to Russian TV, but in English. Conclusion: the new Latvian ban on Russian media is mostly symbolic and necessary to maintain a negative attitude towards Russia, which in the West are beginning to forget the cause, a pandemic, riots, and other outrages 2020", - said Mitrofanov.

The authorities of the Baltic countries repeatedly obstructed the work of the Russian media. The Russian foreign Ministry stated with clear signs of a coordinated line of those States. Cases of harassment of the media in the Baltic countries, noted in the Russian Ministry, "demonstrate, which in practice are demagogic statements about the commitment of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn to the principles of democracy and freedom of speech".