Holder of the title Mr. Spain was detained for killing father

Winner of the title Mr. Spain was detained for the murder of his father, told RIA Novosti in the Supreme court of Madrid.

Twenty-five year old Vicente Hernandez Rodriguez, award-winning Mister España Pacific World in 2017, attacked his father during a family quarrel.

According to the publication elespanol.com cause the incident was the nervous breakdown of a young man. The police does not exclude the version that he tried to commit suicide, and his father wanted him to stop.

When the police arrived on the scene, she found a young man in his underwear and covered in blood. He claimed that his father "was possessed by a demon" and so he "tried to attack him".

After detention the young man was sent to hospital where was given sedatives, doctors conducted his psychiatric evaluation. Currently, he is in a psychiatric Department of a hospital under police supervision, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Supreme court of Madrid.

In Madrid, Vicente came with his father from Murcia, where they live, to participate in the casting. According elespanol.com, the young man observed mental problems in 2016, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Winning the contest Mister España Pacific World, he went to represent the country at the world competition, but did not win it. On the way back from Peru, the plane had had a nervous breakdown – he was yelling "I am God" and tried to commit suicide. In Spain, he was taken to the hospital.

In a letter to his twin sister Vicente calls "the best man she knew in life." "I write this through tears, because I think it's unfair that people label, is up to judge and say terrible things about my brother, while no one except my family knows the truth," the letter reads.