Ukraine intends to use the American Javelin in the Donbass

Brigade of Ukrainian forces in the Donbass in the future will be strengthened America's missile systems Javelin, announced the commander of the armed forces of Ukraine Ruslan Homchak.

The supply to Ukraine the first batch of Javelin - 37 launchers and 210 missiles for a total amount of $ 47 million - the United States approved in March 2018. Later the US has still carried out the supply of missiles for the Javelin.

"We now have in stock have significantly greater number of American ATGM (anti-tank missile systems Javelin – ed). By the way, as the number of prepared payments. How many of them? Mystery. Let me just say that in the future each of the teams that will enter district OOS (operation United forces – ed), will strengthen the Javelin," said Homchak in interview to Agency "АрмияInform", which is published on Thursday.

According to him, now one of the teams training at the site to perform tasks in the Donbass. This team actively "work out the tactics of Javelin".

Earlier, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine reported that Ukrainian law enforcers will give arms and equipment for $ 60 million, including walkie-talkies, ammunition and missiles Javelin.