Residents of Volgograd region supported the transition to Moscow time

According to preliminary data, more than 65% of inhabitants of the Volgograd region in favour of the transition from local to Moscow time, against 34%, said the Deputy of regional Duma Sergey Bulgakov.

Earlier in the Volgograd region, together with the vote on the Constitution held a survey of residents about the transition to Moscow time. As told by the Governor of the region Andrei Bocharov, the survey polled 74% of voters.

Bulgakov declared that deputies intend to address with a legislative initiative to the state Duma, if the residents would support the transition to Moscow time.

The Volgograd regional Duma will consider the survey results as soon as they become final.

The region moved to the local time (MSK 1) 28 October 2018 following the referendum on the election day March 18, 2018. In March 2020 the regional Duma deputies adopted the resolution on holding the April 22 poll among residents of the region of the transition from local time to Moscow.