OP passed in the state Duma of the materials on attempts to influence the vote

Member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Malkevich passed to the Duma Commission on investigation of facts of interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation the facts of fake publications designed to affect the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, they will pay attention to one of the meetings of the Commission, told reporters the head of the Committee Vasily Piskarev.

"We held a meeting with the head of the Commission of the Public chamber, during which, in particular, Malevich, Alexander Alexandrovich was transferred to us on an extensive folder of documents on the reverse faults in the media in the electronic media of fake news regarding the vote on amendments to the Constitution", - the Deputy told reporters.

Piskarev reminded that some of these materials gathered, the Commission has already been transferred to the Prosecutor General.

"Here we have additional materials that we are going to discuss on the Commission, which I chair, to counter foreign interference in the internal Affairs of Russia, where we also invite Alexander Alexandrovich to he told about his work", - said the Piskarev.