In the Kursk region have condemned the perpetrator of the deaths of three people in a fire in the house

The court sentenced him to three years and three months in a colony-settlement is responsible for a fire in a private house in the Kursk region, where the fire killed three children, said Thursday the Prosecutor of the region.

Information about fire in a private one-story brick house in the village of Pristen ' Pristenskiy district arrived to rescuers on the morning of 10 November 2019. According to the information of EMERCOM in the region, the scene of the fire in the dismantling of the building structures were found the bodies of three children, two girls of 2014 and 2015 the birth and the boy of 2016 was born. Two adults – a woman born in 1994 and a man born in 1990 – managed to escape with the child of 2018 was born.

Against the owner of the house who lived there with his wife and four children, were prosecuted for causing death by negligence and damage to property through negligence.

According to prosecutors, the house allocated to the spouse of the defendant as an orphan, was damaged by fire, and as a result the budget of the Kursk region was damaged in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

"The verdict of the court resident Pristenskiy district appointed punishment in the form of 3 years 3 months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony-settlement", - informs the Supervisory authority. Verdict in force has not entered and may be appealed.