Monument to Roosevelt can set next to the monument Witte

The monument to the 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, who is willing to buy the Fund of Andrey Filatov Art Russe, can set next to monument to Sergei Witte, and the monument to the ruler of Russian colonies in America, Alexander Baranov, may be an important exhibit of the Museum of the Arctic in St. Petersburg, all expenses will be made from personal funds Filatov, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Fund.

Director of the Foundation added that all costs will be financed from personal funds Filatov. The issue is being discussed with the authorities of new York and Alaska, last of the appeal Fund was sent to new York mayor bill de Blasio and mayor of Sitka's Gary Paxton this morning - the city administrator of Sitka, Mr. John Leach, the original complaints are gone to the recipients at DHL, said Lavery.

"We have just received feedback from the city Council of Sitka. Mr. Leach assured us that the discussion of this issue would "move forward with the public process, constructive, civilized, respectful of history in this sensitive issue," added Lavery, which quoted the press service of the Fund.

Founder of Art Russe Andrey Filatov noted that the purchase of monuments is the preservation of the memory of statesmen.

"Theodore Roosevelt, we should be grateful for Russia's support in heavy, losing the war with Japan: that America under the presidency of Roosevelt acted as a mediator in the peace negotiations of 1905. The United States signed the Treaty of Portsmouth was concluded on such favorable conditions for Russia that Witte returned home victorious. So, for me, is primarily the preservation of the memory of public figures that influenced the history of Russia, the development of its economy and statehood," - quoted the press service of the word Filatov.