In the state Duma explained the vote against the amendments to the Constitution

A significant portion of the citizens of Russia who voted against the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, could do it because of unresolved regional issues, said the first Deputy Chairman of the faction "United Russia" in the state Duma Andrey Isaev.

Voting on amendments to the Constitution took place in Russia from 25 till July 1, according to the results of processing 100% of protocols for the adoption of the amendments voted 77,92% of Russians against – of 21.27%. The turnout according to the CEC head, was about 65%. In the Nenets Autonomous district 54,57% of voters supported the amendments to the Constitution 44,42% voted in favor.

"We in the beginning said: 21% is a lot or a little? 21% is still a lot, it is our citizens, their opinions should be considered. But you have to keep in mind an important circumstance want to disappoint gentlemen-liberals at 21% (who voted against the amendments) as they were and have remained two (of the percentage of supporters), because a significant part of voted against, in particular, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, local problems, regional problems, this is a protest vote. I know other regions, where due to local problems - not built until now, wastewater treatment facilities, people are offended and voted against, a lot of people. This is the first layer, voted against, with them, of course, have to work, and the questions they pose, solve", - Isayev said the TV channel "Russia 1".

He added that the heads of the regions where the percentage of votes "for" was not very high, should talk to people to enter the dialogue, to those who now voted against, soon changed his mind when the situation changes.

The head of the faction "United Russia" Sergei Neverov, in turn, said that to vote against the amendments to the Constitution citizens for various reasons, but they probably did not support the specific amendments, not all of the proposed changes entirely.

"Someone has voted against, but I have no doubt that no one voted against all the amendments, someone voted, probably separately against some amendments, but not all that was", - said Neverov in the air of "First channel".

Neverov said that the protest vote in the Nenets Autonomous district could affect the previously unheard the question of Association with the Arkhangelsk region. "Somewhere else today running fully the processes that were stopped with the pandemic. I know a number of regions, where the closing down of some sectors of the economy, of course, it also raises many questions", - he explained.

He stressed that now want to analyse in which region how to vote, why the vote happened. "The majority of citizens voted, and of course, we first have to consider the opinion of these citizens", - said Neverov.