Egypt took the first Ukrainian tourists

Egypt adopted the first international touristic flight after a three-month break caused by a coronavirus pandemic, according to Arab News.

AMR Hanafi, the Governor of Red sea province, said that 166 1 Jul arrived at the airport of Hurghada from Ukraine. He stressed that from the moment of landing, and to arrive at the accommodation for them was provided with all security measures.

So, in the arrivals hall of the passengers to measure the temperature. There are also placed stickers, reminiscent of the social distance of two meters, and other informational notices to ensure the safety of tourists and staff.

According to Hanafi, who arrived at the airport of Hurghada, the process of disinfection of baggage is 25 minutes.

Ahmed Youssef, head of the office of tourism development, said today, July 2, the resort will fly the flight from Switzerland, in the coming days also expected planes from different countries.

Also yesterday, arrived in Cairo 38 international flights from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.